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  • Amilla-Fushi-Maldives-TreeHouseExt06
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Amilla Fushi 4晚快閃優惠套餐


位於馬爾地夫最佳潛水地點之一Baa Atoll,是聯合國教科文組織世界生態保護區。Amilla Fushi 打破馬爾代夫酒店一貫的設計手法,以純白水上别墅,配以著名建築師及室內設計師 Kelvin Ho 以「家」為構思的室內環境,與自然環境完美融合的家居溫馨感。70間設計獨特的別墅,包括了多睡房式的別墅,更全部設有管家服務照顧客人一切生活所需。


▼Amilla Fushi 試住體驗短片 — 網紅Youtuber Emi Wong:


*溫馨提示: 請查閱優惠欄目

入住日期 房間種類 成人每位 延期住宿
01Jul-19Dec20 Treetop Pool Villa 15,980 5,600
01Jul-19Dec20 Reef Water Pool Villa 17,580 6,300
01Jul-19Dec20 Sunset Water Pool Villa 18,080 6,600
01Jul-19Dec20 Lagoon Water Pool Villa 18,480 6,800





  • 新加坡航空香港/馬里/香港經濟客位來回機票
    (可轉乘其他航空公司, 附加費請看備注)

  • 04晚住宿連每天早,午及晚餐 (指定餐廳享用 2 道菜午餐及 3  道菜晚餐)

  • 一次免費升級於 Feeling Koi 享用三道菜晚餐

  • 300美元消費額(可用於食物, 飲料與水療)

  • 酒店來回接送 (15分鐘內陸飛機及10分鐘快艇)






  • 新加坡航空公司:
    出發日期: 20年7月01-12月19, 12月27-21年2月08, 2月16-12月19, 12月27-31日 (V class)
    必須於出發30天前出票. 如於30天內出發, 需付附加費HKD400
    出發日期: 12月20-26, 21年2月09-15日 HKD1,000 (N class)
    提升至來回商務艙 (U class) HKD12,000 (必須於出發30天前出票. 如於30天內出發, 需加付HKD1,600)

^^改為澳門出發: 澳門-新加坡-馬累-新加坡-澳門 經濟艙: V class HKD700 (聖誕與農曆新年除外)

  • 轉乘國泰航空(直航)附加費:
    出發日期: 20年5月14-12月22, 12月27-2月09, 2月15-28日 HKD1,300 (N class)
    出發日期: 20年12月23-29, 21年2月10-14日 HKD3,300 (V class)
    出發日期: 20年5月14-21年2月28日, 商務艙 HKD9,000 (I class)
  • 轉乘香港航空(直航)附加費:
    出發日期: 20年7月15-12月22, 12月27-21年2月09, 2月15-3月29, 4月05-7月07, 8月21-9月27, 10月01-12月20日(S class) 每位成人HKD400
    出發日期: 20年12月23-26, 21年2月10-14, 3月30-4月04, 7月08-8月20, 9月28-10月01, 12月21-26日 HKD2,100 (M class)
    出發日期: 20年7月10-21年10月31日, 來回商務艙(Z class) HKD6,600


  • 機場稅, 保安稅, 機場建設稅與航空公司燃油附加費:-


  • 全天候飲料套餐(包酒類) HKD920, 不包房間內迷你酒吧飲料
    平安夜晚餐附加費(12月24日) HKD2,400
  • 小童(02-11歲) 不佔床價錢HKD5,880 (用餐免費, 兒童餐牌), 最多可兩位12歲以下小童與兩成人同住一房間
  • 客人可改乘水上飛機由馬累到酒店, 附加費每位成人單程HKD1,320 / 小童 HKD500



UD: BW/30JUN20

每天 (航班時間只供參考)



  • A bottle of wine
  • Island Romance – bath ceremony once during stay
  • Cake for Life – A beautiful honeymoon cake
  • Capturing Everlasting Happiness – A photo session with one complimentary picture in a frame   



  • 2016年02月16日

    Hi Fung,

    The stay at Amilla Fushi was wonderful! Thank you very much for your recommendation and arrangement.

    Accomodation: The villa was very spacious and clean. My husband loves the B&O Hi-Fi inside the villa very much. A great selection of complimentary tea and coffee was provided and we were very happy about that. I don't drink coffe so I was excited when I saw a tea machine in the villa. Our swimming pool was quite big and deep compared to the other resorts I have been to before.

    Service: 99% of the staff are friendly and polite, and both of us were impressed by the service we received. Twice during our stay they prepared food that we wanted but was not on the menu (baked beans at breakfast time, and maldives hot soup at dinner time). I had a running nose when I was there and I visited their clinic two times - the doctor (from the Philippines) gave me medicine which made me feel much better and I was not charged by the resort at all for that service.

    Food: Food was really good and they provide a good variety of choices. We had steak, seafood, pizza, japanese and maldivian food and all of them were delicious. We also had wine and cocktail everyday which were also very nice.

    Marine Life: We brought our own snorkelling equipment. We snorkelled outside our villa everyday. We saw a lot of fishes and even a shark (5-10 minutes further away from the villas). The water is the clearest early in the morning and we saw the most marine life at that time. We also saw a lot of crabs/hermit crabs on the beach in front of the salon.

    Spa/Salon: We had two treatments (body massage) at the spa and two treatments (head massage and hair treatment) in the salon. All of them were excellent! The sauna and steam room (facing the ocean) were very impressive. The treatments were quite expensive because of the service charge and tax.

    We left the resort at 8pm on our last day and they allowed us to use the villa until 3pm.

    I will send you some pictures via Whatsapp later.

    Thank you again, Fung. We had a wonderful holiday!

    Best regards,

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