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  • 2018年04月06日Mr Foo & Ms Wu

    感謝Sun N Sea .我們在3月26日到達了馬爾代夫的旅程,由於從未到過此地有很多的問題查詢,而Emily Chan 細心講解、令我們更加了解要注意的事項,在Hurawalhi resort 所有員工態度好友善、食物豐富好味道,特別在為我們佈置慶祝結婚週年紀念的安排,讓我們擁有一個難忘的回憶!再次感謝Emily Chan 的幫忙與分享!

    From Mr.Foo & Ms. Wu

  • 2018年02月09日Mr.Lai The Residence Falhumaafushi (瑞喜登法鲁瑪)

    本人參加了3月份一個 馬爾代夫package 由Emily Chan負責跟進 。
    由於本人未有去過馬爾代夫,有很多很多大大小小濕濕碎碎既問題,隔幾日又醒起一d問題,而Emily Chan每次都很快而詳細答覆。
    我住4晚The Residence +1晚機場島的酒店,機場島的酒店本身我都無咩特別要求,但Emily 都很用心幫我搵一間最好的,很感激。
    所以藉此想特別表揚一下貴公司員工Emily Chan既工作態度,十分盡責又好禮貌。

  • 2016年02月16日Ada Liu

    Hi Fung,

    The stay at Amilla Fushi was wonderful! Thank you very much for your recommendation and arrangement.

    Accomodation: The villa was very spacious and clean. My husband loves the B&O Hi-Fi inside the villa very much. A great selection of complimentary tea and coffee was provided and we were very happy about that. I don't drink coffe so I was excited when I saw a tea machine in the villa. Our swimming pool was quite big and deep compared to the other resorts I have been to before.

    Service: 99% of the staff are friendly and polite, and both of us were impressed by the service we received. Twice during our stay they prepared food that we wanted but was not on the menu (baked beans at breakfast time, and maldives hot soup at dinner time). I had a running nose when I was there and I visited their clinic two times - the doctor (from the Philippines) gave me medicine which made me feel much better and I was not charged by the resort at all for that service.

    Food: Food was really good and they provide a good variety of choices. We had steak, seafood, pizza, japanese and maldivian food and all of them were delicious. We also had wine and cocktail everyday which were also very nice.

    Marine Life: We brought our own snorkelling equipment. We snorkelled outside our villa everyday. We saw a lot of fishes and even a shark (5-10 minutes further away from the villas). The water is the clearest early in the morning and we saw the most marine life at that time. We also saw a lot of crabs/hermit crabs on the beach in front of the salon.

    Spa/Salon: We had two treatments (body massage) at the spa and two treatments (head massage and hair treatment) in the salon. All of them were excellent! The sauna and steam room (facing the ocean) were very impressive. The treatments were quite expensive because of the service charge and tax.

    We left the resort at 8pm on our last day and they allowed us to use the villa until 3pm.

    I will send you some pictures via Whatsapp later.

    Thank you again, Fung. We had a wonderful holiday!

    Best regards,

  • 2015年10月13日Mr Ho

    馬爾代夫個HONEYMOON TRIP好正, Centara Ras Fushi好好, d野幾好食, 你既安排好貼心, 謝謝!

  • Dusit Thani Mudhdhoo (都喜天麗)
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    • Dusit Thani Mudhdhoo (都喜天麗)
    2015年10月13日Carrie Dusit Thani Mudhdhoo (都喜天麗)

    Hi Wing,我地既蜜月旅行好美滿呀,謝謝你既細心安排,酒店服務好好呀!!你推介既泰式餐廳好好味,The Market 都唔錯呀。我地有去浮潛呀,好正!再一次謝謝你^^


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