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Veligandu Island Resort & Spa 維利甘度岛 三晚優惠套餐


Veligandu Island Resort & Spa is the gem of the Indian Ocean. A whimsical tropical paradise of swaying palm trees, powdery sand beaches, crystal clear water and exuberant coral reefs, teeming with abundant marine life. This lush island escape offers privacy and tranquillity that nourishes one’s wellbeing.


*溫馨提示: 請查閱優惠欄目

入住日期 房間種類 成人每位 延期住宿
01-31May, 11Jul-31Oct19 Beach Villa 12,780 3,740
01-31May, 11Jul-31Oct19 Water Villa 14,180 4,540
01-31May, 11Jul-31Oct19 Water Jacuzzi Villa 14,780 4,820
01Jun-10Jul19 Beach Villa 12,180 3,340
01Jun-10Jul19 Water Villa 13,780 4,160
01Jun-10Jul19 Water Jacuzzi Villa 14,280 4,440
01Nov-19Dec19 Water Villa 14,580 4,880
01Nov-19Dec19 Jacuzzi Water Villa 15,580 5,480
20Dec19-06Jan20 Water Villa 17,380 6,800
20Dec19-06Jan20 Jacuzzi Water Villa 18,780 7,640
07Jan-15Apr20 Water Villa 15,980 6,000
07Jan-15Apr20 Jacuzzi Water Villa 17,380 6,700
16Apr-31May, 13Jul-30Sep20 Water Villa 12,180 3,240
16Apr-31May, 13Jul-30Sep20 Jacuzzi Water Villa 12,880 3,600
01Jun-12Jul20 Water Villa 11,680 2,900
01Jun-12Jul20 Jacuzzi Water Villa 12,380 3,200




  • 新加坡航空香港/馬里/香港經濟客位來回機票
    (可轉乘其他航空公司, 附加費請看備註)
  • 一晚 Hulhumale Ocean Grand Hotel 住宿連早餐與來回機場接送

  • 三晚Veligandu Island Resort & Spa住宿連早, 午, 晚三餐

  • 機場/酒店來回接送(約20分鐘水上飛機)
  • 所有價錢及條件如有更改恕不作另行通知
  • 新加坡航空公司附加費如下:
    機票有效期: 30天(V class), 來回商務艙(U class) HKD7,600 去程及回程免費停留新加坡
  • 轉乘國泰航空(直航)附加費:
    出發日期: 19年11月18-12月20, 12月27-20年1月22, 1月28-4月07, 4月13-6月30日 HKD300 (N class)
    出發日期: 19年12月21-26, 20年1月23-27, 4月08-12日 HKD2,300 (V class)
    出發日期: 19年10月01-20年6月30日, 特選經濟艙 HKD5,900 (E class)
  • 轉乘香港航空(直航)附加費:
    出發日期: 19年10月23-12月20, 12月27-20年1月09, 2月14-4月07, 4月13-5月31日(T class), 每位成人可減HKD1,000, 來回商務艙(Z class) HKD5,800
    出發日期: 20年1月10-20, 1月28-2月13日(X class), 每位成人可減HKD200, 來回商務艙(Z class) HKD5,800
    出發日期: 19年12月21-26日 HKD1,400 (N class), 來回商務艙 (J class) HKD8,000
    出發日期: 20年1月21-27, 4月08-12日 HKD1,800 (M class), 來回商務艙 (J class) HKD8,000



  • 機場稅, 保安稅, 機場建設稅與航空公司燃油附加費:-
  • 餐費(每位每天):
    All inclusive Plus HKD460
    Delight in an unlimited ‘all you can eat’ special Snack Menu; including pizzas, burgers, and ice-cream from 10:00-19:00, served in Thundi Bar. 
    Never go thirsty with unlimited ‘all you can drink’ alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages served all day and night, as follows: Veligandu bottled water (1 litre) – non-carbonated, house brand.  Soft drinks – Coke, Diet Coke, Fanta Orange, Sprite, ginger ale, bitter lemon, iced tea, tonic, and soda water.  Fruit juice – canned, Draught beer, Coffee, tea, iced coffee, iced tea, espresso, cappuccino, latté and macchiato, Blended drinks – milk shakes & smoothies,  red, white and rosé wine, spirits – gin, vodka, rum, whisky, tequila and brandy. All cocktails and mocktails, In room mini bar refilled once per day.  Half bottle of Champagne

Activities included in the All Inclusive Plus Package:

  • One Sunset Cruise, as per schedule.
  • One Kuramathi or Rasdhoo Excursion, half day, as per schedule.
  • One 1/2 hour Group Snorkelling Lesson (equipment not included), as per schedule.
  • One 1/2 hour Group Windsurf Lesson (equipment included), as per schedule.
  • Free use of the fitness centre, daytime use of the volleyball and badminton courts; table tennis, billiards, darts and football grounds (equipment included).
  • Free use of the kayaks and windsurfers (equipment included).
  • Free Yoga Session by Duniye Spa; group sessions, as per schedule; includes Pranayama, Asanas and Yoga Nidra.


UD: BW/21MAY19


  • 氣酒一枝
  • 蜜月佈置



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