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Niyama Private Islands 3 Nights Promo Package

TRNSPSea Plane
FACLPoolPrivate PoolSpaBabysittingGymWIFI

40 minutes by seaplane from Male, you can arrive at an oasis of sophisticated escapades, NIYAMA by Per AQUUM. Here, we offer you a world beyond boundaries. We offer you, amongst all expectations, including art, literature, music, cuisine, sunrise/sunset and 24-hour LIME Spa, which lets you fully relax and enjoy. All of these give you a luxury experience.

Feature 愛在NIYAMA的婚攝故事》

Hotel Website

*Please be attention for offer.

Period Room Type Adult (H/Twin) Extra Night (Per Room)
01Oct-23Dec19 Beach Villa 16,280 5,060
01Oct-23Dec19 Water Pool Villa 20,680 8,000
01Oct-23Dec19 2 Bedroom Ocean Pool Pavilion 28,680* 30,800
Valid Date:

(Minimum 2 adults travel together)


Fare includes:

  • Economy class air ticket HK/Male/HK on Singapore Airlines

         ( See notes for surcharge of other airlines )

  • 01 night at Male Hotel Jen with breakfast
  • 03 nights accommodation at Niyama with daily breakfast and dinner
  • Roundtrip airport transfer by 35 minutes domestic flight + 05 minutes speed boat
    **surcharge for round trip sea-plane(take around 40 minutes) at HKD2,200 per person**
  • Prices and conditions are subject to change without prior notice
  • Ticket validity: 30 days (V class), roundtrip business class (U class) at HKD7,600, free stopover in Singapore both way
  • For Cathay Pacific Airways:
    Departure dates:  23Aug-20Dec, 27Dec19-22Jan20, 28Jan-07Apr, 13Apr-30Jun20 HKD300 (N class)
  • Departure dates: 21-26Dec19, 23-27Jan, 08-12Apr HKD2,300 (V class)
  • Premium Economy class 01Sep19-30Jun20 HKD5,900 (E class)
  • For Hong Kong Airlines:
    Departure dates: 18Aug-23Sep, 02Oct-20Dec, 27Dec19-20Jan20, 29Jan-07Apr, 13-30Apr20 (X class) no surcharge, surcharge for business class (Z class) at HKD5,800
    Departure dates: 24-28Sep19 HKD600 (S class), business class (Z class) at HKD6,800
    Departure dates: 29Sep-01Oct, 21-26Dec19, 21-28Jan, 08-12Apr20 HKD2,300 (M class), surcharge for Business class (Z Class) at HKD6,800

Package price not include:

  • Airport taxes, security charge,  Airport construction fee & airline's fuel surcharge:-
    Singapore Airlines around HKD760 per person
    Cathay Pacific Airways HKD1,900 per person
    Hong Kong Airlines HKD1,020 per person


  • Package price for 2 bedroom Ocean Pool Pavilion is base on 4 adults share one Pavilion, price will be different if less than 4 adults
  • Child(02-11 years) share room with 2 adults (3 meals included, child menu only):
    HKD4,980, maximum two child under 12 years old can share room with 2 adults 
  • Meals (per person per day):
    Dinner HKD400



UD: BW/09OCT19

Flight Schedule (Singapore Airlines)
Flight No. Itinerary Date Departure Arrival
SQ861 HK - Singapore Daily 15:40 19:35
SQ452 Singapore - Male Daily 20:45 22:10
SQ451 Male - Singapore Daily 23:25 07:10+1
SQ860 Singapore - HK Daily 08:40 12:40
Flight Schedule (Cathay Pacific Airways)
Flight No. Itinerary Date Departure Arrival
CX601 HK - MALE Every Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun 17:25 20:45
CX602 Male - HK Every Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun 22:35 08:05 + 1
Flight Schedule (Hong Kong Airlines)
Flight No. Itinerary Date Departure Arrival
HX791 HK -Male Every Tue. Thur. Sun 17:30 20:40
HX792 Male - HK Every Tue. Thur. Sun 23:55 09:55+1

Daily (For reference only)




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