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Useful Info

***[ Environmental Awareness ]***
Action for environmental awareness, be a conscious traveler.

The natural environment and ecosystem of the ocean are very fragile, it took a long time to develop until now. Please give a hand to protect the beautiful coral reefs and coastal: keep the clean of the white sand and do not touch the corals and animal when you performing swimming and snorkeling. Last these treasures to our next generation.

Passport / VISA

Carrying BN(O), HKSAR Passport and CI need no visa to stay maximum 3 months in Maldives. (6 months passport validity is required)
*Please consult out travel consultant if you carry other passports*

If you want to enter Maldives, you should submit an approval of entry which provided on the plane and before you enter Maldives immigration counter.

Climate & Weather

Belongs to tropical climate, variety of weather is less: daytime is around 30-32°C and around 26°C at night.

There is some rainfall between May and October – A good season for surfing.

Clothes & Daily Use

For local culture, it is suggested to wear comfortable but not revealing clothes before you arrive and after you left the resort.

It is recommended to wear comfortable summer wear during the staying period, you can wear hats, sun-glasses, sandals, swim suit and wind cheater.

It is recommended to wear neat dressing while you enjoy the meals in the restaurants.

Remember to bring you own toothpaste since some of the resorts do not provide it.

Daily Use

Remember to bring you own toothpaste since some of the resorts do not provide it.

Most of the resorts provide hygienic tools and drinking water.

It will cost more if you purchase additional drinking water.

Currency rate

US Dollars is common in Maldives for valid payment within the resorts. Currency rate: USD $1 = HKD $7.8

Local currency is Maldives Rufiyaa (MVR), currency rate: HKD $1 = MVR $1.5 (For reference only)

Credit cards are also accepted.

Time difference

Hong Kong is 3 hours ahead of Maldives. Some resort set as 2hours ahead for its own policy.


English is common within the resorts and major city, Mandarin and Cantonese is available in some place.

The official and common language is Dhivehi.

Electricity & Power

Voltage: 220V

Calling Code


Useful Number

Maldives emergency number

  • Coast Guard:191
  • Police:119
  • Fire Department:118
  • Ambulance:102
  • China Embassy:+86 108 532 3454

Hong Kong support number

  • Hong Kong Residents 24-Hour Hotline:+852 1868
  • Sun N Sea Holidays:+852 29261668 / +852 25741988 (Office Hours)
  • Outbound Travel Information:


For special arrangement of Honeymoon travelers, you should provide a copy of Marriage Certificate before check-in.


Please prepare some Travel medicine for emergency use.

If you need to take any medication on a regular basis, please make sure to prepare enough for your journey.


It is suggested to purchase a travel insurance which is suitable for you and make sure you understanding the rules and conditions.


Besides of swimming and sunbathing, according to resorts, it may provide scuba diving, snorkeling, water sports, photographing, ride of seaplane, offshore fishing, etc.

Have a nice trip!