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Thulhagiri Island Resort 3 Nights Package

TRNSPSpeed Boat
FACLPoolPrivate PoolSpaGymWIFIBulter

Thulhagiri is located in North Male atoll approximately 13km from the airport and takes only 20mins by speed boat from Male International airport. Beach Bungalow and Water Bungalow are in traditional Maldivian style design with Bamboo furniture. Water Bungalow on the outskirt over the lagoon offers a view to the vast infinitive ocean and a unique experience of the crystal clear waters of Indian Ocean with direct access to the house reef.


Feature Story 玩得起!馬爾代夫入門級酒店推介》

Hotel Website

*Please be attention for offer.

Period Room Type Adult (H/Twin) Extra Night (Per Room)
01May-15Jun19 Beach Bungalow 7,780 2,100
16Jun-27Jul19 Beach Bungalow 7,480 1,820
01May-15Jun19 Water Bungalow 8,680 2,800
16Jun-27Jul19 Water Bungalow 8,280 2,400
28Jul-31Oct19 Beach Bungalow 8,280 2,480
28Jul-31Oct19 Water Bungalow 9,380 3,200
01Nov-01Dec19 & 03-30Apr20 Beach Bungalow 8,680 2,800
01Nov-01Dec19 & 03-30Apr20 Water Bungalow 9,880 3,600
02-22Dec19 Beach Bungalow 8,380 2,560
02-22Dec19 Water Bungalow 9,580 3,400
23Dec19-02Apr20 Beach Bungalow 9,880 3,700
23Dec19-02Apr20 Water Bungalow 10,880 4,320
01May-15Jul20 Beach Bungalow 7,480 1,880
01May-15Jul20 Water Bungalow 8,480 2,400
16Jun-27Jul20 Beach Bungalow 7,280 1,600
16Jun-27Jul20 Water Bungalow 7,980 2,100
28Jul-31Oct20 Beach Bungalow 7,880 2,200
28Jul-31Oct20 Water Bungalow 8,880 2,800
Valid Date:

(minimum 2 adults travel together)

*Package price on 01Nov19-30Apr20 must book before 31Oct19
*Package price on 01May-31Oct20 must book before 30Apr20


Fare includes:

  • Economy class air ticket HK/Male/HK on Singapore Airlines
    ( See notes for surcharge of other airlines )
  • 03 nights Hotel accommodation with daily braekfast and dinner
  • Roundtrip transfer between airport/hotel by speed boat (around 20 minutes)
  • Prices and conditions are subject to change without prior notice
  • Ticket validity: 30 days (V class), roundtrip business class (U class) at HKD7,600, free stopover in Singapore both way
  • For Cathay Pacific Airways:
    Departure dates:  23Aug-20Dec, 27Dec19-22Jan20, 28Jan-07Apr, 13Apr-30Jun20 HKD300 (N class)
  • Departure dates: 21-26Dec19, 23-27Jan, 08-12Apr HKD2,300 (V class)
  • Premium Economy class 01Sep19-30Jun20 HKD5,900 (E class)
  • For Hong Kong Airlines:
    Departure dates: 18Aug-23Sep, 02Oct-20Dec, 27Dec19-20Jan20, 29Jan-07Apr, 13-30Apr20 (X class) no surcharge, surcharge for business class (Z class) at HKD5,800
    Departure dates: 24-28Sep19 HKD600 (S class), business class (Z class) at HKD6,800
    Departure dates: 29Sep-01Oct, 21-26Dec19, 21-28Jan, 08-12Apr20 HKD2,300 (M class), surcharge for Business class (Z Class) at HKD6,800

Package price not include:

  • Airport taxes, security charge,  Airport construction fee & airline's fuel surcharge:-
    Singapore Airlines around HKD760 per person
    Cathay Pacific Airways HKD1,900 per person
    Hong Kong Airlines HKD1,020 per person


  • Meals (per person per day):
    Lunch HKD180
    All inclusive meals HKD480
  • All inclusive meals includes:-
    1. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner at the main restaurant
    2. From 08:00 to 00:00 Beer, Soft Drinks: Bottled water, Coca Cola, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Bitter Lemon, Tonic Water, Soda Water
    • Canned Juices: Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Grapefruit and Tomato by glass
    • Wine: House Wine (red, white, rose) by glass;
    • Selected Alcoholic Cocktails: Served in the Sand Bar until midnight and in the restaurant during meal times only.
    • Tea and regular coffee: (Cappuccino and Espresso etc. are not included) will be available from the Restaurant and coffee shop during the opening hours.
    • Snacks available in the coffee shop from the All-inclusive snack list: Mid-morning - from 1000 to 1130 Afternoon - from 1500 to 1700
    3. Snorkeling: Snorkeling equipment is included and available only at Reception. Lost or damaged of equipment will be charged at cost. Equipment’s should be returned eight hours prior to departure
    4. Excursions: A snorkeling trip OR a fishing trip. Excursions will be based on the resort’s weekly excursion schedule. No refund will be given if the guests are not able to take part in the excursion during their stay


UD: BW/31MAY19

Flight Schedule (Singapore Airlines)
Flight No. Itinerary Date Departure Arrival
SQ861 HK - Singapore Daily 15:40 19:35
SQ452 Singapore - Male Daily 20:45 22:10
SQ451 Male - Singapore Daily 23:25 07:10+1
SQ860 Singapore - HK Daily 08:40 12:40
Flight Schedule (Cathay Pacific Airways)
Flight No. Itinerary Date Departure Arrival
CX601 HK - MALE Every Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun 17:25 20:45
CX602 Male - HK Every Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun 22:35 08:05 + 1
Flight Schedule (Hong Kong Airlines)
Flight No. Itinerary Date Departure Arrival
HX791 HK -Male Every Tue. Thur. Sun 17:30 20:40
HX792 Male - HK Every Tue. Thur. Sun 23:55 09:55+1

Daily (For reference only)

Honeymoon benefit:

  • Room decoration
  • Fruit basket

*Must present wedding certificate within 6 months


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