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Why I choose Maldives?---Sweet wedding sharing

To many people, a perfect wedding is quite important, especially for women. Blue sky with cloud, coconut palms beside the clean sea, and a handsome couple stand there, which is the beautiful wedding I wonder.  Maldives is the first choice to meet all my needs. The wedding will be held at the seaside. The host should be the local person with traditional garments. That means you can obtain the blessing not only from your family and friends but also different country even the world. Another important reason is, one island, one resort in Maldives, which can make the privacy higher. Of course the landscape is quite stunning for the wedding and good for the couple to relax.
Compare with other destinations, there are some other advantages below. It is easy to get free visa for 30 days.  Direct flights to Maldives are more and more than in the past. Such convenient transportation makes the perfect wedding easier.
Here I would like to share some experience with you:
Climate & Weather: 
There is some rainfall between May and October.  Sunshine is quite strong there so that all the people should do the skin protection. My wedding was held in Nov, the weather was nice!
Number of guests:
Below 30 is suitable. Fly for a long time to join the wedding party is not advised when there are some old guests and the children. 
In general, the times for holding wedding are more, the experience should be richer. The facilities will be better, the price will be lower.
How to choose a suitable wedding place?
You had better prepare the wedding details half a year advance if you decide to choose Maldives. With the advice from wedding planner, you can pick up 2 to 3 resorts to study first. When the budget is allowed, you could do the inspection in these resorts. After all it is impossible to have any regrets in your wedding, probably the only one wedding.
What should I prepare before wedding?
The wedding holidays are at least 5 days, include the transportation time. The couple should arrive in Maldives 1-2 day advance, which make you get acclimatized to the new surroundings. Take a Spa, make yourself feel relax and beautiful. 20 to 30 min rehearsal is recommended 1 day before the wedding.
What kinds of wedding dress should I choose for a seaside wedding?
For seaside wedding, the dress of the brides should be simple and easy to pack. It will be trouble if you choose the long-tailed style one. Two pieces are enough. The simple ones can make you feel comfortable when proposing a toast. To the bridegroom, casual and flimsy shirts are recommended. The white ones are more suitable than the black ones in a seaside wedding. No need to dress high-heeled shoes in the beach.Just release your feet, or choose the slippers.
How to take care of the guests?
Seaside wedding is quite different from the traditional one.When the guests arrive, the couple can offer a welcome basket, which contains some sweet small thing like suncare products, bath salt, map etc.In the wedding,you can prepare some local style present like coffee, candle etc as the return gift.  
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